Sunday, 23 January 2011

It has been long while

Hi everyone, sorry it has been such a long while but i think i might finally be back on track !

New house in a rural location, new baby and maybe even regular work ?  WOW !

Any how with a view to minimising costs in mind i need to set up my new garden.

I need a good size vegetable plot, some room for my hens and also a few outdoor buildings including a wood store a large shed as well as plenty of cold frames for the early salad crops.

There will be plenty of photographs and laughs along the way as well as detailed costings and building instructions.  I may even make a few videos for you tube.

hold tight then and we will try and get things rolling by the end of the week

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sorry I haven't been around for a while but I have had to move house ! All my efforts in the garden flattened and returned to lawn. All my radio masts, aerials and wires taken down and stored. Had to eat loads of take aways because we hadn't got a cooker.

I am now completely skint from all the moving costs and other associated troubles.

On the upside I am now living a more rural life in a small South Shropshire village

Here's to the good times that will follow and to all the new challenges that come my way.

Give me a few weeks and I will be posting on a regular basis again. We only had the internet connected yesterday.

Thanks to everyone for the e-mails of concern and I will be replying in due course.

Let's have another happy day tomorrow,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

Monday, 5 April 2010

Still Raining but Making Money

Well the weather is atrocious and I can't get much done outside. However instead of spending endless hours just surfing the net with nothing particular to do I have been filling out online surveys on SYNOVATE . Not only do you get paid for completing online surveys but you can voice your opinions on subjects that matter to you !
That has got to be better than watching the rain run down the windows !

Just CLICK HERE to join, it is completely free and there is no obligation. I have over £10 this weekend and have also applied to test a few new products and then get paid for the reviews and keep the products !

Good luck everyone and if you find a good paying survey then email me and I will get it filled in.

Thanks in advance for your help.

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )